Core Java Training

The History and Evolution of Java
Features of Java
A First Simple Program
the Way Java Works – The bytecode
Why java is platform independent?
What is Concept of class file and Bytecode?
How to check if you have Java installed?
Why should I uninstall older versions of Java from my system?
How do I uninstall Java on my Windows computer?
How to Download and Install JRE on your system?
How to setup environment variables for java?
What is Eclipse (software)?
How to download and install eclipse?
How to Start Eclipse?
Eclipse UI Overview
What is the workspace in Eclipse?
What is Eclipse IDE Perspectives?
How to Linking the package explorer with the code editor of Eclipse?
Create your first Java program with Eclipse.
Run your program outside Eclipse
Prepare to run program outside Eclipse (create jar file)
lists of helpful Eclipse shortcuts
Adding a library (.jar) to your project
Updates and Installation of Plugins
Java Programming Language Keywords
Data Types in Java
Floating-Point Types
Type Conversion and Casting in JAVA – Automatic type Conversions in Java
Type Conversion and Casting in JAVA – Casting Incompatible Types
Variables in JAVA – Declaring a Variable
Variables in JAVA – Dynamic Initialization
Variables in JAVA – The Scope and Lifetime of Variables in JAVA
Variables in JAVA – Static and Non-Static Variables
method in JAVA – Static and Non-Static method
why is main method declared static in java?
What is Arrays in java? Types of Arrays in java?
What are disadvantages of array?
A Few Words About Strings
Exploring the String Class – boolean equals(String object),int length( ),char charAt(int index)
Exploring the String Class – String Length
Exploring the String Class – String Concatenation
Exploring the String Class – String Comparison – equals( ) and equalsIgnoreCase( )
Exploring the String Class – String Comparison – equals( ) Versus ==
Exploring the String Class – Modifying a String – substring( ) concat( ) replace( ) trim( )
Exploring the String Class – Searching Strings
Exploring the String Class – Java String Split Example
Exploring the String Class – Integer.parseInt
Exploring the String Class – Java String valueOf Example
Arithmetic Operators – The Basic Arithmetic Operators, The Modulus Operator, Increment and Decrement
Relational Operators
The Precedence of the Java Operators
Control Statements – Selection statements [if, Nested ifs, if-else-if Ladder]
Control Statements – Selection statements [ switch, Nested switch Statements]
Control Statements – Iteration statements [while, do-while, for, For-Each, Nested Loops]
Control Statements – Jump statements [Using break to Exit a Loop, Using continue, return]
OOP – What is Class? What is Object?
What to know in Declaring Objects?
How to Assigning Object Reference Variables?
Adding a Method to the Class – No Return type, No parameter passing
Adding a Method to the Class – Returning a Value
Adding a Method That Takes Parameters
What is Constructor?
Parameterized Constructors – parameterized constructor to initialize the dimensions
The this Keyword – Use this to resolve name-space collisions.
practical application – A Stack Class
Overloading Methods
What is constructor overloading in java??
How to pass Class Objects as Parameters of Method or constructor??
Argument Passing & call-by-value
Argument Passing & call-by-reference in Java
Returning Objects – Method return type is object
Recursion Example in Java – Play with programming
Access Control – Beginner [public and private]
user.dir – user’s current execution path or current working directory
Exception-Handling Fundamentals
“try, catch, throw, throws, and
Uncaught Exceptions
throw and throws
Java’s Built-in Exceptions
Introduction to Collections API
what is ArrayList in java?
what is Set in java?
what is List interface in java?
Compare List and set in java?
How do I use hashtables?
what is Reflection in java?
Practical example for Reflection in keyword driver framework
How to Create new empty file using java?
How to Write into file using java?
How to Read from file using java?
How to Read Properties File in Java? Why it is useful?
How to use this values in application? Or how to read properties file in java?
Reading and writing Excel files
What is POI API?
How to download POI API?
How to work with POI API
What is log4j in java?


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